Montana Emergency Nurses Association

Montana ENA Annual Meeting

Posted over 1 year ago by B Joan Mc Coy

Montana ENA Annual Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Kim Harper President, Joan McCoy Secretary, Peggy Perkins Treasurer, Sheri Lesein, Ashley Polucci, Lisa Foley, Jessica Reed

Call to order and Quorum established by Kim Harper

President's Report: Kim Harper

   Celebration of ENA's 50th in Montana. Discussion on what we could do with the $500 we received from National with current COVID restrictions. Joan will research Montana ENA 50th anniversary stickers regarding cast and production. Goal to send to ER/EDs in Montana to reach more than just current members. Joan will get proof and costs to the Board for final approval. Moved and carried.

   T-shirt quilt made by Texas State Council to commemorate ENA's 50th. Kim created 2 t-shirts and sent them to Texas for Montana to be represented in the quilt. 

Treasurer's Report: Peggy Perkins

   Checking balance: $66,489.96

   Savings balance: $50.30

   Investments: $7496.02

Reserve may decrease for the next quarter due to decreased ENPC and TNCC classes during COVID.  

Discussion regarding moving our accounts from Montana Health Federal Credit Union to a more regional bank so access is available statewide. The plan is to change the signature card from Tina Hedin to Kim Harper ASAP. Kim will contact Tina to match up to their schedules. 

Government Affairs and Membership tabled as TIna Hedin was unable to attend. Sheri did volunteer to take either role once TIna decides which she prefers. August 1 deadline was set so Sheri could start in the role available. Kim will also see if Tina requires assistance to get out Montana ENA pins. 

Injury Prevention is also open. Drew Goss and Sara are a no. Kim will reach out to Audrey Reeve at Billings Clinic to see if she would be interested. 

Education: Joan McCoy

   The Conference is tentatively rescheduled for October 2/3 in Billings. With only 14 registrants (plus conference committee), from the spring, we would be able to hold the conference in person and comply with social distancing guidelines. A virtual conference would not draw as many people and may not be worth the investment. Motion to wait until August 14 to decide if the conference is a go or not. Joan will, in the meantime, check with ENA about the deadline for CE applications and travel restrictions for our Denver speaker.

   Challenges remain with regard to our Facebook page not being public so we are unable to adequately utilize social media to advertise our conference.

New Business:

   Two mandatory meetings per year are required by the national bylaws. With our meeting in August and October, we will have 3 meetings in 2020. 

Next meeting to discuss Resolutions: August 19 2pm. Kim will divides the resolutions between the delegates for each to present a couple to the group.

Adjourned 1631